Packing and moving can be big job. Here are some tips to help you pack, move and store your belongings.

  • Label all boxes and containers with their contents or number your boxes. Keep a master list of what you’re packing in each one.

  • Try to pack using two or three different box sizes only, as this makes stacking your boxes that much easier.

  • Use the right box for the right job - use mirror and picture boxes to protect your mirrors and artwork and wardrobe boxes to keep your clothes hanging neatly.

  • Use towels or bed linen as an alternative to bubble wrap or foam when packing fragile items.

  • Be prepared and have everything packed before your movers or friends arrive.

  • If renting a truck or hiring movers, reserve ahead and call to confirm your reservation the day before the move.

  • If moving items yourself, make sure to have rope and blankets to help secure and protect your load while in transit.

  • Pack the items that you are least likely to access in the back of your unit, so that the items you might need are always handy and near the front.

  • Pack items in a way that encourages air flow between boxes and furniture.

  • If moving in to your storage unit on a wet or snowy day, make sure you dry off items before you place them in your storage unit.